An overview!

Here is an overview of my university studies.

I will be happy to provide you any details on request!





Lund University, Lund, Sweden
Programme of International Economics (Masters)

 09/93 – 12/99

 Microeconomic Analysis, Macroeconomic Analysis  
 International Trade, Economic Integration  
 Quantitative Methods, Theory of Optimization  
 Development Economics, Statistics  
 Business German, Economic Geography  
 Economic History, Social Anthropology  
 Business Administration  

 Master’s Thesis:
   "China – Forecasting Provincial Developments until 2025"
   A comprehensive thesis (155 p) forecasting investments, GDP,
   population, education and policy on the provincial level;
   based on a compound model of e.g. a modified gravity model,
   the Solow decomposition, and exogenous growth.
   The models are dynamic and cross-sectional.








Albert Ludwig University Freiburg, Germany

 03/96 – 07/96

 Economic Integration, Trade Theory, German


   "Erfolgt die Berechnung der Konvergenzkriterien für die
   Währungsunion in allen Mitgliedstaaten nach den gleichen








University of Karlstad Karlstad, Sweden
(One semester)

 01/97 – 06/97

 Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Business English






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