Torsten Jönsson


Hello there!

This letter should give you an introductory textual grasp of my activities.




Cover Letter:

I've worked abroad with six organizations on three different continents, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Where was a matter of less importance compared to interesting tasks and experiences.

Present Activity
Right now I'm working as Partner Manager with Mapsolute GmbH, operator of Map24.com, and a tremendously successful developer of geographical software. It's a rapidly expanding organisation, biased towards technology development and internationalisation. My main responsibility is partner/affiliate establishing and enabling.

Previous International Work
My previous assignment outside Sweden was with a small consultancy in Shanghai, analysing and forecasting regional developments. The year before that I was with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and with Stellar Intl. in Seattle.

Experiencing work and life in China, the USA, and in Germany has both broadened and changed my views. Partner contacts means diversified tasks reaching from the establishment and management of business partners, content acquisitions, support, strategic considerations, and also some B2B sales.

My Qualities
Country-, and region profiling, forecasting, and market research has helped me attain interdisciplinary problem solving and critical thinking qualities, adaptability, excellent oral and written communication skills, good knowledge of research analysis techniques and a strong knowledge of software and databases.

I have strong abilities for working independently, but on the private level people really open up with me and come to me for advice. This makes me proud, and I never let people down.

Part of my economics studies were pursued at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, but the main part at Lund University, Sweden. I have extendible knowledge of Danish, Chinese and French.

Working abroad is exciting, developing, fascinating – and I guess it's about the best continuous education one can get. Strategic and networking issues in an international environment is exactly what I like - preferably in combination with country profiling and analysis. A developing environment is essential.



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